Terrell Owens says Cowboys should give him another shot at age 41

Terrell Owens insists he wouldn't be a distraction if the Cowboys gave him a chance.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Get your popcorn ready, Dallas fans. Terrell Owens wants a second chance with the Cowboys.

With the team reeling from injuries to franchise cornerstones Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, the 41-year-old wideout expressed his interest in helping the team in an interview with Rich Eisen on Monday.

Owens didn’t leave Dallas on the best of terms, but he says things would be different if he returned.

"We all know what happened when I was there, and there were some things said where it may have fractured the relationship between myself and Witten and Romo,” Owens said. “Time has passed, and hopefully they know that I’ve moved on beyond that, and maybe hopefully they have. But for me, it’s all about giving myself an opportunity. That’s all I ever really wanted."

Check out the interview below:

Despite the injury woes, the Cowboys are 2-0 with two division wins after rallying to beat the New York Giants in Week 1 and scoring a road win over the also-reeling Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2.