Terrell Owens involved in bizarre incident at Starbucks

Terrell Owens got into it with an alleged heckler at a Starbucks.
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Terrell Owens has reportedly been named as a suspect in a battery case that took place at a Starbucks in California on Tuesday, but the former NFL wide receiver insists the “victim” got what was coming to him.

And what was coming to him was merely an empty paper coffee cup.

According to TMZ, a 28-year-old man was harassing Owens at a Brentwood Starbucks. The man was allegedly screaming at Owens when T.O. told him to quiet down. Owens was then accused of intentionally tripping the guy as he walked past T.O.

The coffee cup was allegedly thrown after T.O. got into his car and witnesses say the man who was harassing him screamed something. One witness claims the man yelled “F— you, Terrell Owens” and another claims he or she heard him use the N-word.

TMZ later spoke to Owens, who said the man had been following him and a female friend around the Starbucks store and eventually to his car. At that point, Owens says the guy threw a cup of liquid into T.O.’s Mercedes, which inspired T.O. to get out and throw his empty coffee cup at the alleged stalker. Owens also said he heard the man use the N-word.

As we were reminded with the latest incident involving his estranged wife, T.O. is no stranger to controversy. But if Owens has accurately described the incident, we’d be shocked if any charges were filed.

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