Tennessee Titans Performance In Primetime Games

After last Thursday night’s big win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, I wondered aloud how the Titans usually fare in primetime games. The Titans haven’t gotten many opportunities in the national spotlight over the past few years/decades, but I thought it would be interesting to see how they perform when they’re on national TV.

It’s tough to trace back as far as the early Houston Oilers days, so I decided to start my research when the Oilers became the Titans in 1999 (no playoff games included). Note that these are Sunday and Monday night games with one Thanksgiving game sprinkled in.

2016 W 36-22 vs. Jaguars 2007 L 20-34 @ Broncos
2015 L 13-19 @ Jaguars 2007 W 31-14 @ Saints
2014 L 13-21 @ Jaguars 2004 L 16-37 vs. Broncos
2014 L 24-27 vs. Steelers 2004 L 38-49 vs. Chiefs
2013 L 27-30 vs. Colts 2004 W 48-27 @ Packers
2012 W 14-10 vs. Jets 2003 L 17-24 @ Jets
2012 W 26-23 vs. Steelers 2003 W 25-20 vs. Raiders
2010 L 28-30 vs. Colts 2002 W 24-7 vs. Patriots
2010 W 30-3 @ Jaguars 2001 W 13-10 @ Raiders
2009 L 17-42 vs. Chargers 2001 L 10-16 vs. Ravens
2009 W 20-17 @ Texans 2001 L 34-7 @ Steelers
2009 L 9-31 vs. Colts 2001 L 23-31 vs. Dolphins
2009 L 10-13 @ Steelers 2000 W 31-0 vs. Cowboys
2008 W 47-10 @ Lions 2000 W 27-21 @ Redskins
2008 W 31-21 vs. Colts 2000 W 27-13 vs. Jaguars
2007 W 16-10 @ Colts 2000 L 13-16 @ Bills
1999 W 10-3 vs. Raiders

The Titans overall record in primetime: 17-16. Not all that bad considering the amount of primetime games we used to get and the quality of opponents that we used to go up against. But long gone are the days of “the Titans are on national TV, it’s a must watch.”

Looking through that schedule and thinking back on some of those games makes me kind of sad and nostalgic. The Titans used to be damn good, and watching them in primetime was one of the best feelings in the world. Over the past few years, we’ve been demoted to Thursday night “showdowns” against the Jags. Going through the Titans schedules of the past, I came across many playoff games. I long for the days when the Titans get back to the playoffs. I really hope we get there soon.

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