Titans’ Mularkey plans ‘user-friendly’ offense for 2016

Mike Mularkey hopes to make things easier for quarterback Marcus Mariota next season.

Jim Brown/Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Mularkey hopes a streamlined offense will pay big dividends for quarterback Marcus Mariota next season.

On Monday, Mularkey outlined some of the changes he plans to make during the offseason in an effort to aid Mariota’s development.

Mularkey said there will some similarities to the system the quarterback first learned under former head coach Ken Whisenhunt, but the terminology will be simplified.

Via The Tennessean:

“There will be some similarities, but it will be cut down,” Mularkey said. “It’s not a complete overhaul because it comes from the same tree, basically. But it will be adjusted and a lot of it will be to help Marcus.”

The result, Mularkey believes, will be a quicker pace than the team has played in recent seasons.

“It’s not a high-tempo like Philly, but it’s very user-friendly,” Mularkey said. “We’ll be able to get in and out of the huddle, I think, quicker than we have the last couple of years.”

The offense will be patterned on the one Mularkey ran during his years as offensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atltanta Falcons and feature "a lot of deception – trying to make defenses think."

It’s certainly worth a shot. The Titans finished 30th in the league in total offense last season en route to a 3-13 finish.