Tennessee Titans get two PFF players of the week

The Tennessee Titans haven’t had a lot to brag about over the previous two years. With just 5 wins in that time, a lot of the hopes were pinned on Marcus Mariota without much of a supporting cast.

Well, call it good timing, good coaching or just a new lease on life, but the Titans are now 3-3 and they have some very solid piece.

I’m not even talking about guys like Brian Orakpo and Jason McCourty, there are some young guys who are finally standing out.

Let’s see which 1st round draft picks are really showing their progression this week, by checking Pro Football Focus’s top players at each position this week:

Left Tackle: Taylor Lewan

“Another week on this roster, and another atop the PFF tackle grades for Taylor Lewan; it’s hard to believe that he was a question mark on Tennessee’s O-line heading into the season. Against Cleveland he didn’t give up any pressure on 31 pass-blocking snaps, and wasn’t penalized all game—something that has been an issue.”

Yep, despite all the crowing when Lewan gets a silly penalty, there hasn’t been a lot said about his lack of penalties this week.

I get that you shouldn’t give a guy a pat on the back for one week of good behavior, but when he has been the best player at his position for nearly the entire season I think you are allowed to praise him when he improves on his one weakness.

Don’t be mistaken and think that this is all coming out of nowhere either. Despite the fact that PFF called him a question mark, he has been very good his entire career. If not for a poor offensive scheme and a huge shoulder injury last year, we all would have known what he was heading into 2016.

Slot receiver: Kendall Wright

“The Titans have been missing Kendall Wright this season, and if there was any doubt about it, his performance against the Browns dispelled it. Wright caught eight of the nine passes thrown his way, including laying out for a deep bomb and then having the presence of mind to get to his feet before being touched down, turning the reception into points.”

If the Titans get that Kendall Wright for a full season, this team could be playoff bound.

Tennessee used him perfectly against the Browns on Sunday. Meaning, use him sparingly so that he can be at full speed when you need him to be. Also, don’t be afraid to keep him exclusively in the slot, he is dominant there.

Finally, use him on third downs. Kendall Wright has always been exceptional at moving the chains,and that is exactly why he was so good in his first two years in the NFL.

If the Titans can use him in conjunction with Delanie Walker in the passing game, and the Murray/Henry combo in the running game. This team could be great at sustaining long term drives, AKA Mularkey ball.

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