Tennessee Titans get respect from Chris Wesseling

Chris Wesseling has published his Midseason All-Pro team article for NFL.com, and it features a few Tennessee Titans.

Really quickly if you don’t know “Wes” from his time on the Around the NFL (formerly ATL) podcast, what are you doing? Go out and listen to he and the crew and get a dose of heroes in your life.

Those of you who do know should be ecstatic to see The Mailman show some respect and admiration to some Tennessee Titans. As one of the resident scientists of the podcast, he takes a lot of pride in watching game film before he speaks, something that isn’t as common as you would think in the national media landscape.

He has been a big supporter of the Tennessee Titans since this preseason and was one of the first ones on the wagon. Now, to be fair he did jump off a little bit after the first four games and rightfully so. With Mike Mularkey and Terry Robiskie taking forever to get their footing under them, the offense was almost unwatchable.

Flash forward four more weeks and at the midpoint he has one Titan on his All-Pro team and two more with honorable mention.

The big honor goes to Taylor Lewan who makes it in as one of his two tackles regardless of which side of the line they play. He shares the honor with Trent Williams who just got popped by the NFL for four games so he may be Wes’s undisputed best tackle after that missed time.

The two honorable mentions you can probably guess. Jack Conklin and DeMarco Murray are the two culprits, and he sums up the triangle of offensive players here:

“Lewan and rookie right tackle Jack Conklin have been nearly flawless this season, paving the way for DeMarco Murray‘s rejuvenation in the Titans‘ exotic smashmouth attack.”

That is really the best way to comment on these three players. When you think of the Titans exotic smashmouth style, you think of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry gashing defenses.

However, if you watch the film or have read anything I have posted you know that I am a HUGE fan of both of these offensive tackles. For someone who has watched some bad OTs over the last few years in the NFL and in college (University of Tennessee fan) I appreciate the great play when I see it.

Anyone who thinks that Lewan deserves to be benched for his flags or if he is a liability because of it needs to go watch basketball. I truly have no time for someone who complains about an offensive tackle being too aggressive. Also, if you can’t see the greatness in Taylor Lewan and his combination of athleticism and size I just really don’t know why you even watch the OL because you are obviously missing something.

So, go check out the link I posted above and decide for yourself if you think those players are too low or too high. Also, are there any Titans players that should have made the list? Marcus Mariota has a 10:1 TD to INT rate over the last four weeks, Delanie Walker isn’t mentioned and none of the defenders were talked about.

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