Tennessee Titans: End of Week Notes/Links

There’s only so much news and analysis that we can disseminate to the readers on TitanSized. There are always noteworthy tidbits/nuggets of information about the Titans that don’t make it into our posts but should be noted. This is why we try to bring those bits of information at the end of the week in this article.

Here’s what you may have missed.

Look up “stereotypical, crazy offensive lineman” in the dictionary and Ben Jones’ name will pop up as an example. The guy is from Centreville, Alabama, went to the University of Georgia, and takes pregame barefoot strolls on every field he plays on. Freezing temperatures won’t stop this man from his barefooted act of machismo. Regardless of his antics, Jones has been a key cog in the Titans offense due to his solid play and his leadership on the line. He was a great offseason signing by Jon Robinson.

Casey coming back from injury is huge for a defense that played way above its usual level in last week’s big win. Casey is a game changer/wrecker, and needs to be schemed around by opposing teams. He makes others’ jobs easier. The problem for Sunday, though, is that the Titans may be without some of those “others”. Karl Klug and David Bass are questionable, and their outlooks are murky. Sean Spence has already been ruled out. If Klug and Bass can’t go, the Titans will be severely shorthanded on the defensive side of the ball. For a team that’s stayed healthy for nearly the whole year, Sunday might be the toughest game yet.

McCain definitely isn’t as fast as Hill is, even though he apparently ran a sub 4.2 forty yard dash at one point in his life (who timed that, by the way?). I fear that the Titans will be taken aback by how fast and electric Hill really is when they see him in person on Sunday. The Titans’ secondary and special teams are their biggest weaknesses, and Hill has the dynamism to make them pay in both areas. Let’s hope he has an off day and the Titans come to play.

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