Tennessee Titans: End of Week Notes/Links

Bringing you the best bits of news or information about the Tennessee Titans that have circulated around the internet during the week.

Missed anything about the Tennessee Titans throughout the week? Fear not, for we are here to bring you whatever you might have missed about your favorite team! This week was all about much of nothing, as there wasn’t a lot of newsworthy hoopla about the Titans out there. We’re kind of in a dead zone within the NFL offseason. The draft can’t get here soon enough.

I, personally, have been talking about Alshon to the Titans since the 2016 season began. Jeffery would provide this offense with exactly what it needs: a field-stretching No. 1 receiver that can go up and pluck balls out of the air. While Jeffery doesn’t have blazing speed, he regularly gets open deep down the field and can high-point the ball and win most 50-50 situations. The concerns with him are primarily motivational and mental, although there are some injury concerns. He was suspended four games this past season for violating the NFL’s PED policy. He’s also struggled with soft tissue injuries during the past couple of seasons. That said, if the price is right, he’s a no brainer pickup in free agency.

The praise for Mariota is never-ending, and it’s not just us at Titan Sized giving the acclamation. His fellow draft classmate, Jameis Winston, wished Marcus a speedy recovery and talked about his admiration for the young quarterback. Super Bowl winning Jets quarterback Joe Namath also had kind words for him. He says he would take Mariota on any team, and also had a lot pf praise for Derrick Henry, who is in line for a big sophomore season next year.

We already explored the solitary thoughts of Taylor Lewan, but it’s worth mentioning again that he’s ready for the NFL to become the UFC. Lewan has proven to be one of the feistiest players in the league. We know that because he gets a bunch of unwanted penalties. While the penalties are annoying, he wouldn’t be getting them if fighting was allowed in the NFL. So he’s definitely onto something. I would put him in the top 5 odds to win an NFL Royal Rumble. He has the talent for it.

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