Teddy Bridgewater led Vikings player sales from March through November

Despite suffering a devastating knee injury that held him out of the 2016 season, Teddy Bridgewater led the way for Minnesota Vikings merchandise sales.

Minnesota Vikings fans love supporting their team. Whether it is going to watch the team live, purchasing jerseys, or watching each week, the passion that the Vikings faithful show on a regular basis is amazing.

Recently, the NFLPA released a list of the top 50 players in terms of merchandise sales during the time period of March 1st to November 30th, and 4 players from Minnesota were represented on the list.

Surprisingly, the player who topped merchandise sales for the Minnesota Vikings was an individual who didn’t even take a regular season snap during the 2016 season. Teddy Bridgewater suffered a horrendous knee injury that put him on the shelf for at least the season, but that didn’t stop fans from purchasing his jersey and other merchandise.

Also on the list were young standout wide receiver Stefon Diggs, star running back Adrian Peterson, and fan-favorite safety Harrison Smith. Here is where each of those players ranked within the top 50 as shared by NFLPA.

  • #34: Teddy Bridgewater
  • #41: Harrison Smith
  • #43: Stefon Diggs
  • #49: Adrian Peterson

Having four players in the top 50 is an amazing accomplishment for the Vikings. The Dallas Cowboys were the best represented with 5 players on the list, but considering the smaller market Minnesota has, it shows the power of the team’s fan base.

Congratulations to Teddy Bridgewater, Harrison Smith, Stefon Diggs, and Adrian Peterson on making the top 50 list. This goes to show that Minnesota Vikings fans love their team, are passionate about the players they love, and aren’t afraid to show their love by using their wallets.

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