Teammates Told Andrew Luck Will Not Play Thanksgiving Night

On Monday evening, news broke that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck entered the league concussion protocol. How he received the concussion is still in question, but many speculate it was the result of slamming the back of his helmet on the ground after taking a sack early in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game.

According to Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter of Washington (Pa.), T.Y. Hilton said that the team was told that Andrew Luck would not play this Thanksgiving against the Steelers:

While Luck has yet to be officially ruled out, he hasn’t cleared the league’s concussion protocol and has subsequently been unable to practice in a short-week facing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There are some conflicting reports between teammates; however, as starting tight end Dwayne Allen recently said that he expects Luck to play:

Whatever the case may be, the Colts should find out fairly soon whether Luck will be making the start against the Steelers or if backup Scott Tolzien will be under center in his place.

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