Taylor Swift panders to Redskins fans

Maybe it’s me. But there’s always been something kind of disingenuous about Taylor Swift.

The airy, 23-year-old mega-star is one of the hottest-selling artists in the music business. She performs in front of packed arenas every night. She’s won seven Grammys and countless other awards. She dates (and then breaks up with, and then writes songs about) some of the most popular musicians in the world. And she has almost 28 million Twitter followers — and by the looks of things, she has no idea about any of it.

Now, Swift is taking her inauthentic brand of everywoman charm into the sports world.

Swift played a two-night stint at the Verizon Center over the weekend, and during her song “Stay, Stay, Stay,” she altered the lyrics to pander to the area’s Redskins fanbase, as the Washington Post reports.

During the song, Swift typically sings a line that says, in part, "you came in wearing a football helmet." For the DC crowd, however, the word “football” was changed to “Redskins,” much to the delight of the shrieking crowd. (No word on whether these guys were among them.)

As her tour continues, Swift will make stops in several other NFL cities, and most of the team nicknames should be able to slip seamlessly into her performance of “Stay, Stay, Stay” going forward. But she’s going to have a tough choice to make when she plays MetLife Stadium on July 13 — will she go Giants or Jets?