Tavon Young Is The Most Underrated Baltimore Raven

When the season started we didn’t know how much we could expect from Tavon Young. After all, he is a rookie cornerback and a fourth round pick. However he is blossoming into a promising player. Now, he his the most underrated Baltimore Raven.

Tavon Young is the Ravens most underrated player this season. He’s only a rookie, but he’s made an impact for the defense on the opposite side of Jimmy Smith.

Starting in place of the injured Shareece Wright, Young is doing really well. Most rookie’s struggle early on in their career, but Young has held his own.

He’s not as tall as many cornerbacks in the league, but his quickness and instincts make up for his lack of size. The only game I saw him struggle was against the New York Giants.

Jimmy Smith had to leave the game with a concussion and they moved Young to cover Odell Beckham Jr. Once Jimmy Smith left the game, Beckham Jr. went off on Young and the other Ravens corners that were covering him.

Young still has a lot to learn in the league. I know that he will succeed now that he’s gained experience in his first year. It takes rookie players at least two seasons before they get significant playing time and make an impact on their team, but Young has exceeded expectations so far.

Ozzie Newsome and his scouting department can be happy. They’ve hit on a winner with Young in the fourth round.  Young was one of four fourth-round draft picks this year.

The good news is that he will only get better now that he’s getting experience. Next season he might as well be on the opposite side of Jimmy Smith from Game 1 on to the playoffs.

I’m excited to see what Tavon Young can do for the rest of his career. As the most underrated Raven, he’s given me something to look forward to watch on defense for the next 5-10 years.

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