Gerald McCoy: ‘The offense won the game today, this one was on us’

While Gerald McCoy praised the offense for their strong play, he couldn't defend the play of the defense.

Reinhold Matay/Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

After a tough comeback victory by the Washington Redskins, Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy held nothing back when talking about his disappointment.

According to Jim Corbett of ESPN, McCoy took the blame for the defensive struggles, while giving plenty of praise to the offense’s performance.

"The offense won the game today," McCoy, a Pro Bowl defensive tackle, told ESPN in a near-empty FedEx Field visitor’s locker room. "This one was on us."

"We have to be better. Thirty-one points? The offense gave us 30. We gave up 31.

"You feel like you let your teammates down."

McCoy was pretty much spot on here, as much as it may hurt to read. The Buccaneers have plenty of talent defensively, but they need to keep opponents out of the end zone far more than they have.

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