Take a tour through franchise history – Part 1

As the New York Jets prepare for another new season, let’s take a tour through franchise history starting from the very beginning.

Greeting everyone! My name is Mark Kelly and most of you know me on this site from my other  articles on the history of the New York Jets. These include the best draft picks, greatest linebackers, kickers, running backs, and much more.

As we prepare for the season opener, I wanted to set the season up by looking into the past and how the Jets got to where they currently are in 2016. Whether you are a long-time fan or a total Jets novice, this is a trip down memory lane you will enjoy and hopefully, learn something you didn’t know before.

For the longtime fan, you will remember the painful and few joyful memories, while the beginner will learn the important role the Jets played in the AFL-NFL merger, along with how the organization has been unable to match that high again in the subsequent seasons.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

I have done this in podcast form, which is part of my “HIT THE MARK!” podcast that I manage.

The great thing about my podcast is besides being filled with historical information on sports as our motto “The FIRST in Sports Education” suggests, it was started to draw attention to the battle cancer survivors fight who suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

So without further adieu, above is Part I of my tour through Jets history that start with Joe Namath‘s signing and takes you through the Jets role in the AFL-NFL merger.

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