Super Bowl injury report


Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers

Ravens LB Dannell Ellerbe (ankle): On Tuesday — Media Day — the Baltimore Sun reported that Ellerbe reiterated that he would be ready to play in the Super Bowl. “Yes”, he said, “I’m playing if I played last week. If I could handle it last week, I can handle it this week. I’m definitely playing in this game. I feel a lot better, and it’s the Super Bowl. So, I’m not sitting out.”

Health rating: Dannell Ellerbe @ 68%

49ers DT Justin Smith (triceps): Smith was limited some during Wednesday’s practice session, and while this may be concerning to Niners fans, he will undoubtedly be on the field on Sunday in hopes of shutting down Joe Flacco and company.

Health rating: Justin Smith @ 76%

Health Ratings: So what do the numbers mean?

100-85% = NFL players are tough and despite injuries still perform at a high level. Let’s be honest, when is an NFL athlete really physically 100%? Practically never. With a rating in this range expect players to perform at peak levels.

70-85% = In this range a players performance will be affected but they can still get the job done.

55-70% = Players with a rating this low will require assistance to do their jobs. The team might be better served by placing these warriors on the inactive list. Only some All-Pros can get the job done when rated this poorly.

40-55% = These players need some more time to heal. Unlikely to be active unless miraculous healing occurs or my rating was based on erroneous information.

25-40% = Players will not play but show signs of recovery, opening the door for a return to the active roster the following week.

<25% = Players will not play, and there is concern that additional games may be missed.