Super Bowl: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Cement Legacies as the Greatests of All-Time

New England’s historic Super Bowl comeback only confirms what we already knew about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Even before Tom Brady and Bill Belichick secured their 12th combined Super Bowl people could respect the impact they’ve had on the game. With a comeback as incredible as Super Bowl LI was, you can unequivocally say each is the greatest of all time.

With an estimated three to five years remaining as an NFL quarterback, Tom Brady is on track to decimate Peyton Manning’s all-time passing yard record. Just over 10,000 yards away from The Sherrif, a healthy Brady could secure the title in two healthy years. Sitting 83 touchdowns short of Manning for the career record, Brady could become the all-time leader in three seasons.

Let’s also not forget the five, count them, five Super Bowl rings over 17 seasons.

As for Belichick, making an argument for being the greatest coach of all-time could still come with its’ detractors. With seven Super Bowl rings (two coming as an assistant) Belichick has proven to overcome more than his fair share of struggles. Not having his Hall of Fame quarterback for the first four games fo the season and making average players stars.

Seven appearances as a head coach alone push Belichick past Don Shula for the most quarterback classes. While his career regular season wins may never catch up to Shula (101 wins) you can not knock a coach for being one of seven in history to win 200 games.

So while Spygate and Deflategate soured many’s opinions, the talent, coaching and team management displayed by these two Hall of Famers can only push the Patriots upwards.

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