Pats fans buy Super Bowl tickets — then are told they’re unavailable

Forget Deflategate, a group of Massachusetts guys are much more concerned about Ticketgate right now.

Sandwich, Mass., resident Josh Helms and five of his friends paid nearly $10,000 for tickets to see their beloved New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX, but they were told Wednesday those tickets were no longer available.

According to FOX 25, Helms and his buddies started planning their trip to Glendale, Arizona, immediately after the Pats demolished the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game. They ended up buying six tickets for more than $1,600 apiece from two different licensed ticket brokers, FOX 25 reports, and then began making their travel arrangements.

But with hotels booked and plane tickets bought, the bad news came. Helms received a text and a call from one of the brokers telling him he didn’t have his tickets, and the other broker followed suit just a few hours later. They both told Helms the only thing they could do was offer a refund.

The group is still taking its talents to Arizona where they’ll try to score some tickets, but the fans aren’t optimistic they’ll be watching Tom Brady & Co. in person. Helms told FOX 25 the best price they’ve been able to find so far has been around $3,500 each.

On the bright side, they avoided Winter Storm Juno!

Yeah, that’s probably not making them feel any better, but we tried.


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