Super Bowl LI: Why the Patriots should be worried about Taylor Gabriel

Taylor Gabriel has electrified the NFL world with his speed and playmaking. The Atlanta Falcons receiver is about to be New England’s worst nightmare.

When you hear the words “Atlanta Falcons receiver”, who do you normally think of? I guarantee most of you just said Julio Jones with a look of “Duh, idiot” on your faces. Jones is the team’s best receiver and biggest threat. We all know this, and so do the New England Patriots.

Lost in the much deserved hype of No. 11 has been the play of his supporting cast. Mohamed Sanu, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman get most of the media love. But today, I want to focus on someone a little bit more … turbo charged.

“Turbo” Taylor Gabriel has been a key cog for the best offensive machine in the NFL. His blazing speed and playmaking ability allow the Atlanta Falcons to be nearly unstoppable. If the Birds want to come away as Super Bowl Champs, they may need a huge game from Gabriel.

As mentioned earlier, the Patriots know Julio Jones is an alien sent to Earth to destroy cornerbacks. For that reason, they will most likely try to neutralize him in anyway possible. Bill Belichick is known for this, so we can expect it.

For most of the postseason it has been Jones who has shined brightest. But that’s just what Kyle Shanahan wants everyone to think. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a player such as Gabriel breakout on the game’s biggest stage. Just think about it.

Thanks to a minor injury, Gabriel didn’t make that many impact plays late in the regular season. Also, despite a few key catches this postseason, he has been relatively quiet. This is the perfect time for him to pop up and be a game-changer.

Super Bowl’s seem to hinge on one or two big plays. It’s hard to envision an Atlanta Falcons’ loss if “Turbo” gets behind the safety and scores a long touchdown or two. Remember, anything can happen, especially this year.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. LeBron James led the Cavs back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. Even something as unlikely as Donald Trump being our president, actually became true. Wouldn’t it be fitting if Gabriel leads the Falcons to a Super Bowl title?

In light of all these events, nothing would surprise me.

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