Super Bowl LI concessions and parking prices are pretty eye-popping

Tickets to Super Bowl LI are far from affordable, but it’s not just entry to the game that will have fans contemplating taking out a second mortgage. Concession prices and parking are also running them an arm and a leg at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Want a souvenir soda? That’s $11. How about a premium can of beer? $14. A domestic bottle of water costs $12.

For comparison sake, the average price for a 16-ounce beer during the regular season was $7.38, according to a Team Marketing Report via USA Today.

What if you’re into a little candy while watching the big game? Cotton Candy is $8 and Kettle Corn runs $7.

And if you don’t want to park too far from the stadium? This lot will charge you $200.

Maybe it wasn’t such not a bad idea to take in the game from the comfort of your home, after all?