Super Bowl 51: Ranking the matchups

Super Bowl games are like Hollywood blockbusters, and Sunday night will give us the first look at the trailer. After that, it’s up to us to decide if it’s a dud or not. 

On Sunday evening, we’ll finally know which two teams will be squaring off in Super Bowl 51. Throughout the NFL’s storied history, we’ve seen some great showdowns (on paper) and others we’ve wanted to avoid like the plague. There are four possible Super Bowl matchups that could result from this weekend’s games. Here’s how I rank them: 

4. Atlanta vs. New England = This is … ok?

Imagine you’ve got different flavors of ice cream and one by one they’re being taken away. All of a sudden, you’re left with just one flavor. This is that flavor. I mean, a Falcons – Patriots Super Bowl would be interesting for sure, but it’s far from the other sexy games we’d be missing out on. It does give us a chance to see one of the great Super Bowl upsets of all time. The mighty New England Patriots knocked off by the Atlanta Falcons, of all teams? If that’s what it takes for us to get this upset, then sure, fine. I guess that’s what it’ll take.

3. Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh = It’s a roller coaster waiting to happen

Is it Brady vs. Rodgers? No. However, it may give us one of the more high scoring Super Bowls in recent memory. Atlanta and Pittsburgh have been two of the more efficient teams on both sides of the ball during the playoffs, and we may get a shootout or defensive battle. Either way, it should be a fun watch for most hardcore football fans.

2. Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh = My body is ready

While it may not be as sexy as Brady vs. Rodgers, a Packers vs. Steelers Super Bowl would be something to watch, getting two of the league’s biggest fanbases together in the same stadium. It’s good enough to bring in high ratings and a high score. The one downfall of this is that we’ve seen this game before. The first Super Bowl game between the Packers and Steelers wasn’t anything to write home about. While that might not deter some fans, it’s rare that a sequel is better than the original. This one might have a chance. 

1. Green Bay vs. New England = Take my money

This is the ultimate fantasy of every football football fan, young and old. A showdown between Rodgers and Brady on the game’s biggest stage has looked like a possibility so many times in the past, but we’ve always been left disappointed. The modern dynasty of the NFL with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time going up against the potential league MVP at arguably the peak of his career. Yes, I’m in. I am all in.

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