Super Bowl 51: New England Patriots have the edge over Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl 51 will be tough, but the New England Patriots have an edge over the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons feature an offense that can barely be controlled. It’s a point scoring machine (best in the NFL) and it hasn’t been slowed down in the playoffs.

If anything, Matt Ryan and his weapons have looked even more dangerous.

But the Flacons haven’t played Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots before and the Pats are simply a whole different animal than any other team the Falcons have played.

To give some perspective, Belichick has only lost to thee head coaches in their first games against him.

Unfortunately for Dan Quinn and the Falcons, this will be his first time facing Belichick. And to say that Belichick’s Patriots are on a hot streak would be a gross understatement. Not only did the team win 14 games in a season for the first time since 2010, the Pats have done it in suffocating fashion. Just look at these numbers:

This isn’t to belittle what the Falcons have done. They’ve been tremendous and it was clear early on that Ryan was not just having an MVP-level season but a Hall of Fame-level season.

Yet when looking at what Belichick has accomplished for yet another season and looking at everything he has put together despite missing Tom Brady for four games and Rob Gronkowski for eight games has been miraculous. Belichick deserves consideration for coach of the year (again) after putting such a dominant team together.

The Falcons have a dominant offense and there’s faith in Quinn, but the team just hasn’t destroyed the opponent’s will quite like Belichick’s Patriots have. It’s punishing to see what the Pats have done during their impressive build up to Super Bowl 51.

While we here at B&T usually just stick to the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s Super Bowl weekend and the Patriots and Falcons are going to put on a show for the entire NFL world. Unfortunately for the Falcons, this writer thinks that the Patriots are going to come out victorious.

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