Super Bowl 51: Best Prop Bets for the Big Game in Houston

There are way too many prop bets to sort through, so we did it for you. Super Bowl 51 is going to be a wild ride and these are your best prop bets to make!

Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Last week, we established who we thought would win the big game against the spread, as well as picked the over/under. This week, it’s time for the real stuff, the prop bets.

The list of available prop bets for Super Bowl 51 is endless and ridiculous, as always. We don’t particularly gravitate toward Gatorade bath colors or national anthem lengths, but to each their own. We sorted through the mass of opportunity to give you the best prop bets for Super Bowl 51.

Two brothers from New York, Dan Salem and Todd Salem, discuss Super Bowl Prop Bets in today’s NFL Sports Debate.

Todd Salem:

My cups of tea are the convoluted cross-sport picks. But before we get there, let’s discuss game MVP. If you think the Atlanta Falcons can win this game, Matt Ryan at +250 is a pretty good MVP bet. That offers a much better return than you would get taking the Falcons on the moneyline. It is possible Atlanta wins and Ryan is not Super Bowl MVP, but the scenarios leading to that would be rare. In terms of rare possibilities, I like Malcolm Butler +6600 on the other side of the field. He is a brand name at a defensive position and will be on display plenty with how often the Falcons throw the ball.

What do you like on the board? Here is what I have my eye on:

Total Number of Different Falcons to Score:
(Safety does not count–Includes kicker, 2-point conversions count)
OVER 3.5 (-135)
UNDER 3.5 (+115)

We can’t get scores by at least four different Falcons, counting Matt Bryant? That means there need to be three scores between all the different options at Matt Ryan’s disposal. The team rotates running backs, tight ends, and has numerous wide receivers outside of Julio Jones.

Who Will Have More:
(Cavaliers/Knicks Feb. 4, 2017)
FALCONS POINTS -3.5 (-110)

Take Kyrie all the way in this one. He will be facing off against the tumbling and stumbling New York Knicks. I see him topping 24 easily and may cruise past 30 or 40 depending on how his outside shot is falling. The over/under for the Super Bowl is high, but I don’t think the football teams are going to score quite as much as people expect. Kyrie +3.5 points is going to outscore the Falcons.

Who Will Have More:
(Kings/Capitals–February 5, 2017)

Alex Ovechkin is averaging a little under four shots per game right now. However, he will be playing the Los Angeles Kings in this game, the team that gives up the fewest opponent chances in the NHL. No team prevents shot attempts like LA. I can see Matt Ryan getting to four or five combined touchdowns and interceptions pretty easily. I may need that extra half point to win this, but no matter. A win is a win.

Dan Salem:

The sheer number of Super Bowl 51 prop bets is pretty insane, but once you wade through the mass of opportunities, there are a few amazing bets that jump out to me. The first is where you began, with the Super Bowl MVP. I believe the Falcons win this football game, so Matt Ryan is an excellent bet to win the MVP award and +250 is pretty damn sweet.

After the MVP I gravitate towards the Yes or No bets. You can keep your cross-sport wagers. For me its all about will it happen, or won’t it happen.

Will Either Team Score Three-Straight Times:
YES (-175)
NO (+155)

This seems highly unlikely to me, yet Vegas disagrees. Both the Patriots and Falcons have prolific offenses, so I doubt either team scores three straight times without their opponent also putting up points. The answer is ‘No’ and the bet pays out very well.

Will Either Team Score in the First 6.5 Minutes:
YES (-140)
NO (+120)

Another question that seems to have an obvious answer. One of these teams will put up points in the first six and a half minutes of play. The payout isn’t great, but the likelihood of winning is high enough that it doesn’t matter.

Team to Have First Penalty:
FALCONS (-125)

This bet is just a fun one for me. I put the odds at 50/50 for which team gets the first penalty, yet the Patriots are on the plus side of things for this wager. Don’t spend a lot here, but put your money on New England to draw the first yellow flag of the game.

Will There Be a Missed Extra Point Kick:
YES (+330)
NO (-400)

In prior years things would be different, but I’ve witnessed nearly one missed extra point per game this season. Since we are not being asked to pick which team misses, I say yes and will be receiving a hefty payout when it happens. The PAT was moved back and misses are rather common. Just saying.

Will Tom Brady Throw an Interception:
YES (+150)
NO (-170)

My final prop bet is a bit personal. I love when Tom Brady makes a mistake, so I’m betting that he throws an interception. The payout is halfway decent and Brady often makes turnovers in the playoffs and Super Bowl, at least more than in the regular season.

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