Peyton Manning says Cam Newton was ‘extremely humble’ after losing Super Bowl

Cam Newton is the talk of post-Super Bowl Monday after he bailed on his press conference early following Carolina’s loss to the Denver Broncos.

It makes sense why he would: He played terribly in the biggest game of his career, his team lost and Denver’s Chris Harris unintentionally rubbed it in Cam’s face by saying within earshot the Broncos’ whole plan was to make Carolina prove it could throw the ball.

Still, it was a little unbecoming of a leader to act like Newton did in front of the media, so he’s paying for it today.

But that’s not the guy Peyton Manning saw after the Super Bowl. In an interview with "TODAY," Manning revealed what he and Newton said to each other on the field after the game, and Manning said Newton was "extremely humble." Here’s Peyton’s full quote and then the clip below it:

"Sure I tell ya, Cam couldn’t have been nicer to me. He was extremely humble. He congratulated me, wished me the best. I told him just congratulations on his outstanding season and just what a great future he has ahead of him. He’ll be back in that game, I can promise ya. So, I’ve been on that side of it. It is tough — it is not an easy pill to swallow. But he was very nice to me and I really appreciated that."

The press conference was a bad moment for Cam, for sure, but he’ll learn from it. At least nobody can say he doesn’t care.