Having a Super Bowl party? Here are three menu options

Food is a good thing. Probably the best of things.

.shock/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Throwing a party for Super Bowl 50? Still don’t know what food you will serve?


Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

First, a harsh truth: You’re going to foot the bill for this because that’s how grownups throw a party. Super Bowl potlucks are the worst. Nobody can agree on what to make and there’s always some cheapskate who thinks bringing over an $8 container of ice cream will cover his donation.

So, what do you serve? To answer this, I’m turning this over to Paul Werner, who is the vice president of food services and restaurant administration for FOX. And as anyone who’s been to the FOX holiday party can attest, the man knows his stuff.

Anyway, Mr. Werner was kind enough to send over menu options for three different budgets. Each one will serve 10 people. If you’re having more guests, just up the dosage.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? You might notice that recipes aren’t included. Come on, must we do everything for you? All of these are available somewhere on the Internet.