St. Louis fan buys Super Bowl ad to rip Rams owner

Stan Kroenke, you've been put on blast.

Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

At least one man in St. Louis won’t let Stan Kroenke get away with his dastardly deed.

When the Rams left the Midwest for Los Angeles just weeks ago, it was understood that there would be many hurt feelings left in their wake. Makes sense, right?

Terry Crouppen, a successful personal injury attorney, has decided to make his voice heard. By paying an ad that will air in St. Louis — with the hashtag #SlamStan — during the Super Bowl. He has his sights aimed squarely on the Rams owner.

Here it is:

"We were loyal to our football team," Crouppen said. "We bought their tickets, wore their jerseys, drank their over-priced beer. We cheered them year after losing year. And in return, they trashed us, then left us.

"Stan, you’re worth $8 billion. That’s not enough? Well here’s some free advice: Just because it’s legal and you’re rich enough to do it, that doesn’t make it right."

Yep, those hurt feelings haven’t gone away yet.