Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos are getting a title belt from Triple H

Real recognize real, Game recognize game.

After their defensive beatdown of the Carolina Panthers in Sunday’s 24-10 Super Bowl 50 win, the Denver Broncos are of course due to receive some gorgeous championship rings in the near future. But before they get the standard jewelry to celebrate Peyton Manning’s second Super Bowl victory, WWE’s Triple H has a gift for Super Bowl MVP Von Miller & Co. —€” an awesome Broncos-themed wrestling title belt:

The turnaround on that championship strap is pretty impressive, given that the 14-time WWE champion tweeted an image of the belt just minutes after Denver’s Super Bowl win. And that raises an obvious question: Did the WWE make belts for both the Broncos and Panthers? And if so, where are the Carolina-themed beltplates going to end up? Will they join the rest of the losing team’s gear as a charitable donation? Is someone going to get the surprise of a lifetime with one heck of a fashion accessory?

Or maybe the WWE and NFL can join forces to raffle the (potentially existing) Panthers-themed belt off for charity. Aaron Rodgers could buy it for his patented touchdown celebration, although he’d obviously need to make some Packers-themed modifications. Plus, he already has one of his own, as you probably recall. Two title belts at the same time would be crazy. Right, WWE?

On second thought, if Cam Newton keeps playing like he did during the regular season —€” and less like he did in Super Bowl 50 against that dominant Denver defense —€” WWE might want to hang onto the (still hypothetical) Panthers belt. Newton could come calling for it sooner than later.