Stopping Mike Wallace will be key for Jets in Week 7

The defensive secondary of the New York Jets has been attacked in every game of this season, and in Week 7 it shouldn’t be any different. Wide receiver Mike Wallace is coming to town with the potential to do big things.

During 2015-2016 wide receiver Mike Wallace experienced a new low in his lone season with the Minnesota Vikings. He posted career lows numerically with 473 yards and two touchdowns and looked liked it would lead to a major decline in what was once a promising career.

During the 2016 offseason, Wallace teamed up with strong-armed quarterback Joe Flacco and the Ravens in an attempt to revive his explosive style of play. To this point, it has been a major success as he has accumulated 370 yards three touchdowns.

On the other side, the Jets’ defensive secondary came into this season with legitimately high expectations. They kept the majority of the players from their successful 2015-2016 secondary. The 2016-2017 season has been a major disappointment, though. It has been full of explosive passing plays from opposing offense, big-time miscommunication, and let downs in very crucial spots.

Due to the porous play of the Jets’ defensive secondary, Wallace has the potential to break open the game and lead the Ravens to a win at MetLife Stadium. Deep-ball threats like A.J. Green, Marquise Goodwin, Tyreek Hill, and Sammie Coates have given the Jets a very tough time. Wallace falls right into that category against the Jets.

As previously stated, Wallace and Flacco are a match made in heaven due to Wallaces’ explosive style of play combined with Flacco’s huge arm.

Their combination of abilities makes it so that the Ravens can get major yardage in a very short amount of time.

Flacco might be limited on Sunday, but even if he is, backup quarterback Ryan Mallett has a very big arm as well.

Mallet would not have quite the effect of Flacco, but he could still make some big plays with Wallace as his running mate should something happen.

In terms of how the Jets should go about covering Wallace, the Jets will need to give safety help. If a cornerback ends up in isolation with Wallace it could spell doom as he has top flight speed, which Jets cornerbacks have not done well with this season.

In conclusion, Wallace is a player that the Jets defense will need to key in on for Sunday’s matchup. If they don’t find a way to slow him down, the Jets will be handed their sixth loss of the season.

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