The Saints come to Tampa Bay on Sunday having turned the ball

over nine times over their past three games, including three

interceptions by Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees, above, during Sunday’s

loss at Arizona.

New Orleans is without injured RBs Reggie Bush and Pierre

Thomas. But

Bucs LBBarrett Ruud said the Saints

still have one of the premier offenses in the league behind coach

Sean Payton.

“It’s as good of an offense as there is in football,” Ruud said.

“They still execute as well as anybody. I heard a saying the other

day that good teams have tendencies because their plays keep

working so they keep running them.

“If you can lock in, there’s a chance to make some plays. But at

the same time, if you don’t execute up to their level, they’re

still going to put a lot of points on the board. What’s nice is

they’ve kept the same system since Sean Payton got there in 2006.

It’s always fun to play the Saints because you play them twice a

year and you get familiar with them.”

* * *


“I’m like an elephant.”

Payton, above, when told

Bucs coach Raheem Morris hoped he

had forgotten about Tampa Bay’s overtime win in New Orleans in


* * *

All square

December’s win by Tampa Bay evened the series at four since

Payton became coach of the Saints:


Dec. 27, 2009….20-17


Nov. 22, 2009….38-7 Saints

Nov. 30, 2008….23-20


Sept. 7, 2008…..24-20 Saints

Dec. 2, 2007……27-23


Sept. 16, 2007…31-14


Nov. 5, 2006……31-13 Saints

Oct. 8, 2006…….24-21 Saints