Steve Smith calls Chiefs biggest threat to Patriots (Video)

Former NFL superstar receiver Steve Smith Sr. believes the Kansas City Chiefs are the biggest threat to the New England Patriots in the AFC.

It’s always nice to hear something positive about your favorite team. It’s even better when those words are not coming from a random talking head, but a future Hall of Fame player who retired only three days ago.

On ESPN, former Baltimore Ravens receiver Steve Smith Sr. was asked who he thought the biggest threat to the Patriots was in the AFC. Smith cited the Chiefs, explaining that he believes Kansas City is more balanced than other foes. He went on to say that the defense causes a litany of problems and the offense can be both explosive and methodical.

Frankly, I would agree with Smith. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a great offense but struggle to create stops in the secondary. Pittsburgh will need to curtail Tom Brady and his passing game, something that will be very difficult for the Steelers to do.

New England is deservedly the favorite in the AFC, but the Chiefs are more than good enough to hang in there. Who knows, maybe Kansas City turns out to be the bully by season’s end, putting to rest the Patriots’ dominance.

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