Steelers: Wild Card weekend picks

Picking the other three wild card games.

Let’s look at the three less important games this weekend. The Steelers are home facing the Dolphins to whom they have lost this season. It was the game where Roethlisberger was injured as well as a game in which the team gave up over 200 yards rushing to Jay Ajayi. Not a game that everyone wants to remember but one hopefully that motivates the team to get a needed playoff win and live to fight on.

The Steelers are considerable favorites and let’s hope they are successful against Miami. Now the other matchups;

SATURDAY: 4:35PM – Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans (-4.0)

This game opened up at 3.5 points for the Texans who in addition to being at home have more experience at Quarterback. They also have the slight edge on playoff experience.

I must say I do feel a bit bad for the Raiders who lost their Quarterback Derek Carr very late in the season after having so much success. The Raiders will be playing a rookie QB. The Texans’ Brock Osweiler doesn’t have a wealth of experience but definitely is in a much better position than his opponent Connor Cook. PICK: HOUSTON

SATURDAY: 8:15 PM – Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks (-9.0)

The spread has also moved in this one as I assume the betting public likes the Seahawks at home in the playoffs. I do not disagree but think more than a touchdown is too much. Detroit has hung around in every game they have been in this year. PICK: DETROIT

SUNDAY: 4:40 PM – New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers (-4.5)

Lambeau Field in January is as tough a place to play as any. So it is normal for the home team to be favored, the only thing is with Eli Manning the Giants are 2-0 here in recent years.  PICK: NEW YORK


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