Steelers: Wild Card Weekend Fantasy outlook

Wild Card weekend, enter Steelers Dolphins

With Fantasy leagues all done for the season, most having ended Week 16, many players find themselves with a bit less to look forward to. Steelers fans of course know that what is important now is the team having success in the playoffs. There is still, however, fantasy football left to be played. There are playoff challenges, weekly fantasy and looking ahead to next season.

For weekly fantasy Ben, Bell and Brown should all be viable starters. The Dolphins defense can bring the pressure, but with these three together for the first time in the playoffs we will be hard pressed not to see some magic. On the Dolphins side, Jay Ajayi went off against the Steelers back in Week 6, but I would hope that Keith Butler has the defense looking to erase those memories.

Steelers Fantasy Keepers

For those players in keeper or dynasty leagues there are only two absolute sure fire players you are keeping: Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. The thought is the Steelers will put the franchise tag on Bell and thus he will definitely be in a black and gold uniform in 2017. Bell finished as the 5th overall running back in Fantasy for 2016, but missed three games. He had the highest average of yards from scrimmage of all backs in the league. He is an unbelievable talent and, barring injury, will continue to flourish next season and beyond.

 Brown ended up as the third best wide receiver in fantasy and should be in the top five every year he is playing with Roethlisberger. Ben himself was a top 12 fantasy QB, but tends to miss a couple games each season due to injury. He is a top 3 QB for sure in the NFL, but from a fantasy perspective he is more a ‘wait and see’ type of draft candidate.

Here we Go!

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