Steelers vs. Cowboys Fantasy outlook

Steelers offense needs to get back on track.

Fantasy football or not, the Steelers offense needs to get back on track this week against the Cowboys. After a very decent showing at home against the Patriots without their starting Quarterback the team has been bad. They went down to Miami where Ben Roethlisberger suffered his injury and the whole team felt the effects. Last week the Steelers suffered another major setback in Baltimore. Historically Ben does not play well in his first game when returning from injury. The game in Baltimore was another fine example.

The team comes home this weekend to face a very hot Dallas Cowboys team in what could be a pivotal game this season. The Ravens are in first in the division with the head to head win last week but only have a 4-4 record as does Pittsburgh. The Bengals are a game back at 3-4-1 and Cleveland will be picking first in next year’s draft.

So while the team has not looked great or really very good the last couple of weeks the AFC North crown is definitely attainable. The team needs to improve everywhere and eliminate the numerous mistakes being made, but things have to start with their high powered offense getting their groove back.

MUSTS: The Killer B’s, Ezekiel Elliott

As stated above the trio has to lead the way this weekend in getting the team back on track. Ben, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell must get the team going and they will. All are must starts this week despite Dallas having a solid defense. On the other side Ezekiel Elliott could be named the new “Bell” so you know he will be strutting his stuff.

MIGHTS: Dak Prescott, Sammie Coates, Jesse James

Prescott has been great this season and another rookie Quarterback already had his way with these Steelers, but I think there is a shot that Keith Butler brings some new looks and may be able to confuse the rookie. For Pittsburgh James could be a viable end zone threat and I think Sammie Coates is good for a flyer down the field.

MISSES: Steelers DST

I hope I am wrong but the defense is not producing sacks or interceptions.

I’m not sure I would go with Dallas’ defense either. 

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