Steelers News: Ben Roethlisberger, Cleats, Ladarius Green

The Steelers returned home from handing Thanksgiving business in Indianapolis to get ready to face the Giants.

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While the team works off any added holiday pounds over the long weekend we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Thursday, Dec. 1st.

Draft Class to Hall of Fame Class?

A couple of the quarterbacks that came out of the 2004 NFL Draft have made a pretty good case for themselves for Hall of Fame consideration whenever the time comes. Teresa Varley has Ben Roethlisberger’s thoughts on his, Eli Manning’s and Philip Rivers’ chances at football immortality.

“I hope I am. I would assume that he (Manning) is going to make it with everything he’s accomplished. And Philip’s put up some tremendous numbers in this game. We’ve all been fortunate to play for a long time and been able to do a lot of great things. So that would be an awesome honor. But hopefully, that’s a long way off.” – Ben Roethlisberger

I wonder if Rivers is hoping to get into the Hall of Fame just walking in behind Ben and Eli like some random dude trying to sneak into a night club. Bbbbut, my passing yards! Don’t they count?

My cleats

This weekend in the NFL you’ll find more customized cleats than just on Antonio Brown’s feet. The NFL is allowing its players to wear custom-designed cleats for just Week 13 to promote their own special causes.

That’s right, the NFL is so generous, so magnanimous, and they decided to let their players promote something that would raise money for entities other than their own multibillion dollar league. For one game.

Yinz got any of them fantasy sleepers left?

It’s getting down to the wire of fantasy season and if you’re looking to jumpstart over your mother-in-law in your league you’re going to need to think about picking up a few players on the waiver wires possibly.

One of those players, according to ESPN’s Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry, is Pittsburgh tight end Ladarius Green. Green is coming off of a two-reception, 67-yard game that could be just an appetizer of what his role in the future of the Steelers offense could be.

That’s good enough to get you some fantasy points. As well as make me hungry for zucchini planks for some reason.

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