Steelers News: Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, James Harrison

The Steelers have dropped the last three games and Steeler nation is in full panic mode.

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While the team tries to regroup from the latest loss to gear up for the 7-1 Cowboys coming to town we’ll be busy looking for mentions of you Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Friday, Nov. 11th.

I miss you, AB

You know who we haven’t seen enough of in the last few weeks? Antonio Brown. AB has been getting rather jammed up lately and hasn’t had the scoring opportunities we’re used to seeing him in. I feel like this game is a great opportunity to have one of those, ‘How did he do that?’ plays by Brown.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett knows that stopping AB is a key to getting the W against Pittsburgh. Teresa Varley has his comments about how to look out for Antonio.

“No. 84 is a great player. He is a guy who can make a ton of plays down the field. He makes a ton of plays running with the ball after he catches. They try to get it into his hands as many ways as possible.” – Jason Garrett

All week we’ve heard about how guys other than AB need to step up. I’d still like to see twerking and end zone flips and amazing catches by the best wide receiver in the league if we can.

It’s a crapshoot

The popular notion this week leading up to Pittsburgh’s game against Dallas is how Dak Prescott is reminiscent of a rookie Ben Roethlisberger. It’s also a pretty good illustration as to how life in the NFL is prone to hyperbole. Prescott has been good through eight total games in the NFL.

For that he gets to be compared to a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback who went 15-1 his rookie year when stepping in for the injured starter. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler details how it could be giving the Steelers a glimpse into the future for when they have to replace Roethlisberger.

It also reminds me that you can’t ever really judge a player this early anyway. Sure Prescott is impressive through eight games but he’s got legit talent around him. Andrew Luck is sucking more and more each game and he was supposed to be the second coming of Peyton Jesus for Indy.

When drafting a quarterback to potentially lead your franchise to the Promised Land it’s really a crapshoot. There’s no way else to describe it.

One sack away

Linebacker James Harrison is one sack away from Steelers immortality. He’s already a legend for the team and responsible for one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history so there’s no question of his legacy.

But on his next sack he will officially pas Jason Gildon as the all-time sack leader for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who else should it be besides Deebo? I wish he could’ve broken the record on Tom Brady.

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