Steelers Game Day Grub: Steak Quesadillas

The Steelers are back at Heinz Field ready to end their three-game losing streak.

The Cowboys are in town and I can’t help but be taken back to Super Bowl XXX and watching Neil O’Donnell ruin my deliver me my first sense of heartbreak as a Steelers fan. To this day I’m convinced he was paid off by Jerry Jones to throw those interceptions.

To avoid getting into a profanity-laced tirade about how can a quarterback throw like no interceptions for a full season and then throw two to the same guy in the same friggin spot is just…Ok there I go again.

Let’s talk about food instead, shall we? Texas makes me think of steak for some reason. How do you make steak for a tailgate? You make some steak quesadillas, that’s how.

You’re not going to spend money on steaks for all of your football buddies. You don’t like them that much. But, you can get an affordable piece of meat like a London broil, find a good citrus marinade like mojo to marinade and tenderize it in and you’re almost on your way to deliciousness.

Here are the steps to make steak quesadillas for your tailgate:

The key here is using butter on your grill pan or griddle or wherever you’re cooking these quesadillas on. It seems gluttonous but once you taste them you realize that’s what restaurants do to make their quesadillas taste so good; they cook them in butter.

I once had a quesadilla maker I impulse-bought and I never used it. Sold it at a yard sale for like $5. That was dumb. I should have kept it. RIP quesadilla maker. I hope you’re making some delicious quesadillas right now.

Anyway, I hope the Steelers quit jerking us around and get back to lighting up the scoreboard like we know they can. It’s going to be tough against this Cowboys defense but Ben Roethlisberger says to follow him so let’s do it. As long as there is tailgate food, I’m there.

Enjoy the game and the grub! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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