Steelers Game Day Grub: Day After Thanksgiving Sammich

The Steelers will be in Indy to feast on some Colts for Thanksgiving.

This is one of those days where there’s really no need for the Instagram pictures of your plate because we’re all basically eating the same meal. So while Ben Roethlisberger is hopefully tossing another six touchdowns on the Colts we’re unbuttoning our pants to fit in another piece of pie.

A Thanksgiving game isn’t the time for traditional tailgating. Apparently Indianapolis is known for their pork tenderloin sammiches which I am going to have to get down on; another time. This week is all about the best meal of the year.

I look forward to Thanksgiving all year long. I can’t get enough of it. From the turkey to the potatoes I celebrate the entire catalog. You get down on your favorites too, you’ve earned it. It’s been a rough year so far.

Instead of waiting in lines or bowling people over for TV’s on sale you can craft the best sammich of the year. The best part about this recipe was that my sister Jenn (who helps create all of the Game Day Grub recipes) got to make this sandwich prior to Thanksgiving.

That’s right. I’ll get to eat the day after Thanksgiving sammich twice this year. Jealous?

Here are your steps to turning your Thanksgiving dinner into a tasty day-after lunch.

Think of this recipe as more of a guide than a strict set of rules to go by. This is your sammich; you can personalize it however you like. If you want to add sweet potatoes, add sweet potatoes. If you want to add mustard, which I would totally be on board with, go for it.

From everyone at Still Curtain we hope all of Steeler Nation has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I suppose we can extend those wishes to everyone else as well. Except for Ravens fans. I hope their turkeys are all dry.

Enjoy the game and the grub! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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