Steelers DeAngelo Williams makes a Thanksgiving cake

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is a man of many talents.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the premiere episode of “Courtyard Camera” stars Pittsburgh running back DeAngelo Williams. The Turkey Day themed episode takes place at the home of Williams, where he and host Ben Schwartz (“Parks and Recreation” “House of Lies”) concoct a Thanksgiving treat together.

Watch as the two of them make their way through the kitchen taking pies, sides and turkey thighs and make it into a cake.

I would call the partnership of DeAngelo and Ben a success but that cake is does look like a hot mess. I got the chance to interview DeAngelo Williams about his partnership with Courtyard, the “Official Hotel of the NFL” and about his own Thanksgiving traditions.


Did you taste any of your Thanksgiving cake you made with Ben Schwartz?

DW: I did taste it. It was interesting. Not sure that my taste buds was ready for the multi-taste explosion. It was different. There was a lot going on there. Making the cake and layering it just lets you know just how much food we consume on Thanksgiving.

What are some of you favorite Thanksgiving foods? Can you really enjoy feasting during the season?

DW: Well to start it off, number one would be sweet potato pie. And then we have greens, candied yams, turkey. We have like three different meats; turkey, wild meat like deer or rabbit and then a deep fried turkey. Macaroni and cheese and green beans. Unbelievable. And then my wife makes Filipino food like pancit, fried rice and lumpia. My favorite is longganisa with coconut rice and corn.

Have you started any new Thanksgiving traditions since moving to Pittsburgh?

DW: We haven’t started any Thanksgiving traditions since moving to Pittsburgh, mostly Christmas traditions. But this year it will be different since Daddy has a game the kids will go off to the in-laws so we won’t be together. But usually our Thanksgiving is a time to get together and remember family who we’ve lost and talk about the good times and funny stories.

Will you be heading to Indy with the team or staying home for Thanksgiving?

DW: Yes, off to Indy we leave on Wednesday.

Will you be teaming up with Ben for anymore culinary creations?

DW: I don’t know about the culinary creations but I’d definitely would look forward to teaming up again. I know that Courtyard is the official hotel of the NFL so I look forward to teaming up with them again. It was a great time. Ben was hilarious.

What do you think about the Steelers chances on Thursday night?

DW: They’re excellent. What people don’t realize is that we control our own destiny. Every game we play from here on out is a playoff game for us.

Thank you to DeAngelo Williams for your time and be sure to check out more “Courtyard Camera” webisodes with Ben Schwartz.

“Courtyard Camera” originated in 2014 as an online content series featuring surprise moments with guests in Courtyard properties starring NFL talent, all captured by hidden cameras.

Today, the series has evolved into a comedic webisode franchise that pairs NFL stars and hotels guests, combining for spontaneous, side-splitting, star-packed laughs. Past stars have included Victor Cruz, Kirk Cousins, Rex Ryan, DeMarco Murray and Jared Allen

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