writer bashes Ravens’ draft picks

The Ravens traded ahead of the Steelers in the second round do draft Maxx Williiams, but did they really pull a fast one on their biggest rival?

Jesse Johnson/Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens graded out near the top of the league when many draftniks handed out their report cards last week, but one perhaps-not-so impartial observer disagrees. Not surprisingly, that observer comes from the official site for the Steelers, Baltimore’s biggest rival on the field. 

The first jab from Bob Labriola of came at the Ravens’ leapfrog over Pittsburgh in the second round to select tight end Maxx Williams. Many believed that the Steelers were targeting Williams, and Ravens fans were quick to gloat at the notion that Ozzie Newsome swiped a target away from Pittsburgh. Not so, according to the Steelers. 

"Speaking of the Ravens and their "mastery" of the draft process by the way, if Newsome truly believed he needed to vault the Steelers in the second round to pick Minnesota tight end Maxx Williams, then he wasted a fifth-round draft pick," Labriola said.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Labriola suggested that selecting a tight end in the second round after taking a linebacker in the first defies logic, although we’re not sure whose logic he’s following.

“All due respect to Maxx Williams, but you don’t go tight end in Round 2 after you’ve gone linebacker in Round 1 even if the tight end is John Mackey. Maxx Williams is not John Mackey.”

Let’s see if anyone from the Ravens’ official site has a rebuttal. Perhaps the fiercest rivalry on the field will translate over to the interwebs.