Steelers at Eagles: Five questions with the enemy

The Steelers will travel across the great state of Pennsylvania to take on the Eagles and with both teams undefeated the winner gets to claim football supremacy in the state.

Throughout the season Still Curtain will team up with the opposing team from the FanSided network to get a little intel and perhaps do a little predicting and/or trash talking for the upcoming game.

Today we’ve got Geoffrey Knox, of Inside the Iggles, FanSided’s Philadelphia Eagles-themed site. He’s giving us the details about everything from the Carson Wentz hype to a prediction for the game with score.

Are all Eagles fans buying the Carson Wentz hype? Is he the real deal or have things just gone his way for the first two games?

I would definitely say, hype or no hype, Wentz has just about everyone excited. We’re talking about a second pick that everyone hopes can be the franchise quarterback of the future, and so far, so good. Yes, we can expect some growing pains. Some of them may come this week, but I’d definitely say the hype is real. When draft experts say it, former and current coaches say it and teammates and opposing coaches say it, I feel pretty comfortable. 
We keep hearing about work ethic, intelligence and natural ability and all of it’s positive, so that’s good enough for me for right now. Yes, at some point he’ll struggle, but I definitely side with anyone who has a sense of optimism going forward.

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What is the plan to stop the Steelers offense with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, DeAngelo Williams and even Markus Wheaton coming back this week?

I think we feel pretty comfortable up front and in the trenches. Schwartz has seemed pretty content to rely on the four guys up front to get pressure in the passing game and not send extra guys on blitzes. That’s allowed linebackers to roam free and make plays. Our secondary has had a tendency to be had on the deep ball, which is a cause for concern, but overall, once we figure out who’s going to be following Antonio Brown on Sunday, I think confidence is where you want it to be. 

Pittsburgh and Philly has a pretty good rivalry for hockey and sometimes baseball but not so much in football. Is it just being in the different conferences that has kept these two teams from becoming rivals?

I believe so. What’s funny is if you poll a few Philly fans they have a tendency to say things like the Steelers are sort of a rival. You speak with others, they like to see them do well. I personally don’t know where the ones saying we’re “natural” rivals are getting that from, but hey. It’s difficult to create a rivalry or even a hatred for a squad you only see once every four years.

Who are Eagles fans most happy about getting rid of Chip Kelly or Mark Sanchez?

Am I allowed to add “C” and say all of the above? I’d probably say Chip though. He’s the guy in charge. He shipped out fan favorites, replaced them with guys we didn’t care too much for and ultimately lost the team. When the guys stop buying in or caring and when you bring in guys who have said publicly that it was only about money, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 
Truthfully, now that I think about it, though I don’t think anybody hated Mark Sanchez, so I guess it’s Chip by a landslide. He’s the 49ers problem now.

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What is your prediction for the game with score?

I see a hard fought battle in this one honestly, but ultimately, I believe the Steelers have the better team right now, the more experienced coach and the Hall of Fame worthy quarterback. I say 27-20 in favor of the Steelers.

There you have it Steeler Nation. What would you have asked differently? Check out Inside the Iggles for my answers to Geoffrey’s questions.

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Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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