Staff prediction of Miami Dolphins versus Pittsburgh Steelers

Each week the Phinphanatic staff will bring you their prediction for the upcoming game.  This week has the Miami Dolphins hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 6.

Eric Frosbutter

The Steelers high-powered offense comes to town the same week Miami released four of their own offensive players. More releases can be expected, and after this one, they very well could come from the defensive side of the ball. I expect the Steelers to have their way with the Dolphins in this one.  Prediction:  Steelers 35 Dolphins 14

Tyler Olson

It was a week of purging for the Miami Dolphins.  Certainly something that needed to be done but it won’t change the ugly tune to the 2016-17 season.  All us Dolphins fans can do now is hope the team can crash everyone else’s party, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are first on the list.  Unfortunately it won’t happen.  Le’Veon Bells and Antonio Brown have been licking their chops all week for this matchup and are sure bets to be top fantasy players in week six.  Prediction:  Pittsburgh 37 Miami 20
Carlton Ray
A few years ago, the Dolphins could be counted on to unexpectedly win a game like this upcoming match with Pittsburgh, where they are a heavy underdog. Nowadays, though, the only surprises out of this team are the random starting lineups that we see on Sundays. This game could get very ugly, with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell at full strength.  Prediction:  Steelers 30, Dolphins 17                                                                
Matthew Stevens
With the way this season is going, Miami will probably rush for 120 yards and Ryan Tannehill will pass for 300 yards and win but, more realistically, Le’Veon Bell, Anthonio Brown and “Big Ben” will victimize Miami’s crumbling defense and the Dolphins will being playing catch-up the entire game.  Prediction:  Steelers 31 Dolphins 10

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