NFL fans in St. Louis are upset over this email from the L.A. Rams


Fans of the St. Louis Rams are experiencing the first season of life as football fan post-relocation. It's not a good feeing.

The unpleasantness was made worse on Wednesday when former St. Louis Rams season ticket holders received an email from the Los Angeles Rams offering a swell deal on hats at the official Los Angeles Rams store.

A number of St. Louis Post-Dispatch readers contacted the newspaper to express their displeasure.

“When I got this email, I thought at first someone was playing a sick joke on me,” one recipient wrote. “When I realized it was from the Rams, I was shocked.”

Said another: “Twenty-plus years of buying season tickets, $9 beers and stale pretzels, you'd think Stan could give me a free cap.”

A Rams spokesperson told the Post-Dispatch that they inadvertently sent the offer to members of an “old database.”

Rams owner Stan Kroenke should probably be on the lookout for another shipment of $250 worth of “poop cocktail.