Rams veteran: Injury a message from God

Veteran St. Louis Rams cornerback Al Harris, one of the classiest and toughest competitors in the NFL, announced his retirement after 14 years in the league.

Harris tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in November against the Cleveland Browns.

"As far as playing, I think that was my last play," Harris told reporters Wednesday. "I just planted wrong. That’s just God’s way of telling me it’s time for me to turn the page."

Harris recorded 423 tackles, 21 interceptions and three touchdowns in a career with the Eagles, Packers, Dolphins and Rams that lasted 194 games, 128 of them as a starter.

"I had an awesome time," he said. "I thank God for Spags [Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo] giving me the opportunity to come out, and I hope I left a positive impression on everybody."

At 37, he plans to go into coaching.

"This is what I do," Harris said. "This is what I love to do. That’s what I am going to come back to do … coach. I have my mind made up on that. Professionally, I think I hit every single goal I set out for myself, so now it’s time to turn the page and set a new set of goals."