Skip Bayless throw shade back at Le’Veon Bell

Skip Bayless is a known critic of Le’Veon Bell, and the volley of criticism between the two doesn’t seem likely to end in the near future.

From his lengthy time on ESPN’s First Take to his current role on FS1’s similarly veined Undisputed, Skip Bayless is no stranger to offering notable hot takes and getting criticism for them. He has been an open critic of Le’Veon Bell, who for some people’s money is the best running back in the NFL.

Bell dabbles as a rapper on the side, and earlier this week he offered a diss track referring to Bayless as “Shrimp Bayless.” That could have been the end of it, or perhaps Bell could have made an appearance on Undisputed during Super Bowl week in Houston as he made the media rounds so may players do. But Bayless hasn’t let the thing go away, referring to Bell as a fine rapper who was outplayed by Ezekiel Elliott this season.

Bell’s Pittsburgh Steelers’ teammate, wide receiver Antonio Brown, has been criticized by Bayless’ co-debator Shannon Sharpe for his recent Facebook Live escapade. Brown appeared on Thursday’s edition of Undisputed in Houston, as he made his own rounds on Radio Row and elsewhere, to effectively answer Sharpe’s criticism from a certain perspective.

That perspective is clearly shared by Bayless, who did not hesitate to acknowledge Brown’s appearance on the show while also taking a shot a Bell.

Bell presumably still has a standing offer from Bayless to join FS1’s debate show, but it’s unlikely he ever accepts. Social media looks like the medium Bayless and Bell will have to go with as their war or words continue which won’t be nearly as entertaining as being on the same television desk with Sharpe and Joy Taylor to referee.

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