Skip Bayless: Odell Beckham Jr. sent the wrong message to his teammates with Miami trip

After beating the Washington Redskins to close out the regular season, Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. and a few of his teammates flew to Miami to party on a boat, and video later emerged of team members at a nightclub.

The Giants will travel to Green Bay this weekend to face the Packers in the Wild Card round, so seeing members of the team taking a mini-vacation with less than a week until their season will be on the line understandably rubbed some fans the wrong way.

On Tuesday’s episode of Undisputed, Skip Bayless argued that even if the trip doesn’t affect the players’ preparation, it sends the wrong message to the rest of the team.

“You can accuse me of being a grumpy old man if you want to, I’m sorry…. if I were Janoris Jenkins, Landon Collins or Olivier Vernon or [Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie], I’d be offended right now. I’d be stung that my brothers on the offensive side – who, by the way, have not been able to hold up their end of the bargain all year – decided to go without a bye week.

I don’t care, it’s too short of a time frame for the diva receivers then to say ‘wait a second, we’re going to go straight from our game in Washington down to South Beach to party all night and into the daylight…’ It’s just a bad, bad look.

…. It’s just the way you do business. It’s unity. ‘All for one and one for all.’ I’m assuming that [Giants coach] Ben McAdoo said ‘you know what, you guys, just go on’ straight from the locker room in Washington. They’re gonna go straight to some private airport I assume in the D.C. area and fly to Miami. It makes it look to me like Ben McAdoo is losing control of the football team. That’s how it comes across. Like he’s about as soft as some of those receivers can be soft.”