Should the Jets go after Kirk Cousins in 2017?

 The New York Jets are in the market for another quarterback for 2017 but is Kirk Cousins the answer they’ve been looking for? Unfortunately, the Jets might show interest but wouldn’t be able to afford him.

For years, well, decades now, the New York Jets continue to have an inconsistency when it comes to the most important position on the team. They haven’t had a steady franchise quarterback capable of being a difference-maker for what seems like forever now and 2017 is looking pretty bleak at this point in time.

The only quarterbacks under contract are Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. Petty has upside but again, has a very small sample size to determine if he’s the long-term answer under center. Hackenberg is nowhere near ready to be a starter and well, the Jets are back to the drawing board.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is as good as gone and Geno Smith more than likely played his last game with the Jets in 2016. Surely, the Jets can’t head into next season with just two inexperienced quarterbacks with hopes of them achieving any major success.

Realistically, the Jets need to add a veteran presence as a security blanket and keep expectations low with quarterback play. If Petty can’t get the job done and Hackenberg falters, next season could be even worse than 2016. It makes sense to add a veteran quarterback but the problem is, the Jets will be financially limited in the free agency market once it hits.

While many would love to see an up-and-coming quarterback like Kirk Cousins come to the big apple, it realistically isn’t going to happen. Cousins is easily going to be one of the hottest free agents in the market at quarterback and will command some serious money by many teams to acquire his services.

Of course, he might not even make it free agency if he can come to terms with the Washington Redskins on a new deal but either way, don’t expect him to land on the Jets. In all honesty, it’s best they stick with Petty as their starter next season and continue to cultivate his talent. The Jets have other major issues besides quarterback to address like their offensive line, defensive secondary, and even at wide receiver.

Overall, the Jets can’t afford Cousins and should stick with developing Petty while upgrading the talent around him. It’s best to find a cheaper veteran quarterback as insurance and continue with their young quarterbacks moving forward. It’s the only way to ever know what Petty and Hackenberg bring to the table.

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