Should the Jets add another running back?

Could the New York Jets consider selecting another running back in the 2017 NFL Draft? It might happen considering they need to add more weapons on offense.

There are plenty of areas the New York Jets need to focus on and they have the No. 6 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. It is important to improve the team in areas they need help in, especially the running back position. They will need to get younger and faster on offense since a lot of their players are older.

Running back Matt Forte won’t be playing the game that much longer and the Jets need to add a physical running back to help out Bilal Powell. There are a few good running backs in this year’s draft but two particular running backs that stand out are Leonard Fournette from LSU and Dalvin Cook from Florida State University.

These two athletes are game changers that could help any offense out from Day 1. Fournette is a big powerful running back who can break a big run in an open field with ease and precision. Cook is a tough physical running back who has tremendous speed and could be a game changer immediately.

Fournette is 6-1 and weighs 230 pounds which have him compared to running back Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings.  He has a very good feel for finding the creases and attacks the hole quickly.

He has excellent lateral quickness and can make the free man miss when he wants to. He has the speed to go the distance and his hands are very reliable which could make him a decent receiving option.

Cook is also another player who is going to make any offense better. He is a special talent coming in at 5-11 tall weighing in at 206 pounds. He is always a threat to go the distance and only needs a small crease. He can make defenders miss without gearing down as he is quick to locate the cutback lanes.

He has very good pass protection skills that most running backs have trouble doing. He has a ton of competitiveness and he never looks to get out of bounds. He isn’t afraid to get hit and can plow through defenders.  He only needs to work on his shoulder power to help him break off tackles.

These are two very good athletes the Jets would be very happy with especially to open up the offense a lot more. While they have other major areas of need, a game-changing running back could be exactly what their offense needs to push the envelope. It will be a huge risk to take but it is something to consider in rebuilding for a brighter future.

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