Should Steelers take Terrelle Pryor for a spin?

Could Terrelle Pryor be the next "Slash" in Pittsburgh?

The Steelers are experimenting with a pair of "slashers" this spring in former collegiate quarterbacks Devin Gardner and Tyler Murphy. How about another?

Both undrafted rookies saw reps at quarterback during the team’s minicamp this week, but any chance of long-term success in the league hinges on catching passes, not throwing them.

Terrelle Pryor, just released from his fourth team as a quarterback when Cincinnati cut him on Thursday, is apparently willing to take a stab at receiving in order to stay in the league. Pryor has the prototypical size and speed for a wideout, but he does have one area to improve on.

"I don’t know how to catch," Pryor told the Seattle Times last year when he was with the Seahawks. "I don’t know how to run the ball as a running back,” Pryor said. “I’ve been a quarterback my whole life."

As Steel City Blitz pointed out Friday, there isn’t much downside to bringing the suburban Pittsburgh native in for a look, regardless of his catching ability. Pryor’s physical tools are probably a notch above both Gardner and Murphy, and the cost is virtually nothing. Heck, Pryor might even be a better option at quarterback than Landry Jones.

When Pryor was meeting with teams prior to his selection by Oakland in the 2011, supplemental draft, Mike Tomlin asked the Ohio State quarterback if he wanted to return home to Pittsburgh.

Pryor balked at the added pressure of playing in his hometown, but we’d bet he has a different answer if Tomlin posed the question again. Mike Tomlin should ask it. 

h/t: Steel City Blitz