Should Bruce Arians retire from Arizona Cardinals?

A couple of health scares this season could impact whether he returns to Arizona Cardinals in 2017

The Arizona Cardinals organization had to have been concerned. Head coach, Bruce Arians was admitted to the hospital following the team’s flight home from Minnesota on Sunday. He was suffering from chest pain, not surprising considering that his team lost a very important game they could’ve won.

He was released on Monday after tests showed no reason for concern. He will be on the sidelines this weekend when the Cardinals visit the Atlanta Falcons. It’s another must game for his squad if they want to keep their dwindling playoff chances afloat.

Arians has been frequently animated and upset on the field since becoming the Cardinals’ coach. Often he can be seen screaming at officials so hard that his face turns beet red. He indicated that his doctor recommends he let that anger out.

Besides his health being a concern, his coaching decisions have been questioned at times this season.  When a team underachieves as bad as the Cards have, some of blame must fall on the head coach. There’s too much talent on the roster for the Cardinals to be under .500 after 10 games.

He appears to be mis-reading what kind of team he has. One example of that is his insistence on starting the game on offense whenever he wins the coin toss. It’s maddening that he doesn’t realize that his offense isn’t the strength of the team, the defense is.

Some of his play-calling this season has been mind-boggling. A big reason for the offensive struggles is that opposing defenses are purposely taking away the long ball. Without those “chunk” plays, it’s a pedestrian offense, and the coach seems to have no plan B.

Arians may be the best head coach in the organization’s history. He has double-digit wins in his first three seasons, an impressive feat. Granted, Ken Whisenhunt got them to a Super Bowl, but many people give Kurt Warner more credit for that.

Still, at the end of the season Arians should strongly consider retiring. There are way more important things in life than winning football games. His health being one of them.

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