Short term results mean nothing for the future of Jets

As the New York Jets officially announced they will start quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 12 against the New England Patriots, the short term results he brings mean nothing.

Make no mistake about it, the New York Jets made the wrong decision when it came to who should start at quarterback in Week 12. As the Jets named quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter, head coach Todd Bowles feels since he’s healthy, it would give his team the best chance at beating the New England Patriots.

Bowles starting Fitzpatrick again is a mistake and well, is most likely being done for short term results. The Jets are currently 3-7, at the bottom of the AFC East, and are so dysfunctional, opponents know they don’t have to expect much against them. For argument’s sake, let’s say Fitzpatrick helps them win another game or two this season, what does that truly accomplish?

Nothing, in the grand scheme of things. The Jets aren’t making the NFL Playoffs anytime soon and should start as many younger players as possible. Experience is huge, no matter what opponent they face. For quarterback Bryce Petty, this is a major step back in his progression.

By the looks of it, Bowles is set in his ways of sticking with Fitzpatrick until the very end. Perhaps it will take the Jets being mathematically eliminated from making the postseason for him to consider starting Petty the rest of the way.

But since Bowles is all about putting his team in the best position to win football games, it may not even happen. It’s a shame really considering that Petty looked alright in his NFL debut against the Los Angeles Rams and now has to once again ride the bench.

The short term results mean nothing, especially for an abysmal quarterback in Fitzpatrick who can’t throw far enough or even accurately enough to deliver consistent results. Either way, the Jets should focus more on the future instead of the short-term results in a season that many want to completely forget about. An extra win or two thanks to Fitzpatrick won’t mean much since he’ll be gone at the end of it all and Petty will have a very small sample size to work with for the future.

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