Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett says his leg will be ’10 times stronger’ after gruesome injury

Tyler Lockett had his season come to an abrupt end in December when he suffered a gruesome leg injury. It was ultimately deemed a broken fibula after the defender landed on his leg, ending what was a strong campaign in the blink of an eye.

The Seahawks receiver underwent surgery to repair his broken leg, though it wasn’t certain he’d be ready for the start of 2017. He put those concerns to rest this week when he discussed his rehab on 710 ESPN Radio.

“Folks ask me about the surgery, and the surgery wasn’t hard at all,” Lockett said. “I mean, I feel like the majority of the time when you get surgery on something, you’re 10 times stronger after. At least that’s how I feel. I feel my leg will be 10 times stronger.”

When the injury happened, Lockett said he knew right away that he was done. He wasn’t in any pain, but he also couldn’t feel his leg.

“I was just laying there. I remember the ground being really comfortable,” Lockett explained. “When they asked me what was up, I was like, “I can’t feel my leg.” There was no pain at all. Everything felt normal, but you know when your foot falls asleep? It felt like my leg was asleep.”

Lockett said he never looked at his leg or reached down to feel it, which is fortunate for him. Had he looked at it, he said he “would have passed out.”

As severe and concerning as the injury was, Lockett is confident he’ll be back by the start of the season. His rehab is going according to plan

“Oh yeah, for sure I will,” he said. “I can’t wait, either. That’s why I’m doing everything they tell me to do.”

Lockett figures to be an integral part of not just the Seahawks’ offense, but on special teams, too. He’s a dynamic return man with the ability to take one to the house from anywhere on the field.